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SLII was founded in 2018 by a group of interpreters. With over 100 years of combined experience, the interpreters who formed this coordination agency relied on their decades of field experience as nationally certified interpreters to ensure SLII had a solid foundation and a clear mission.

Mission Statement

To improve communication access by removing barriers, fostering collaboration between businesses, organizations, and the interpreters who serve them, and engaging in problem solving to ensure improved communication access throughout the Deaf community.

Continuity of Communication
SLII works in partnership with interpreters to improve communication access through an approach we call Continuity of Communication. SLII coordinates language related information and the communication needs of the Deaf consumer to be shared with interpreters supporting their communication access. Best practices are utilized to coordinate sharing of pertinent cultural, language, and communication needs to interpreters. This includes knowledge of language modalities as well as any known physical or cognitive barriers conveyed by the Deaf consumer that impact communication. This approach best positions the interpreter to meet the minimum standard of communication access by interpreting in a way ‘most readily understood’.

Engaging local communities:

Government Services

SLII collaborates with customers to troubleshoot barriers to scheduling interpreters efficiency government protocols, internal processes, and other criteria to improve efficiencies and reduce wait times for available interpreters. Prior to our inception, organizations reported having community members wait weeks-to-months for an available interpreter. That time is down to 2-5 days for state and federal services through SLII. SLII facilitates all state and federal requirements such as background checks and security clearances for government entities.

Public Schools

SLII has worked intensely with public schools to resolve unfilled vacant positions leaving students without interpreters for extended periods of time. SLII has become a committed partner to supporting students and staff in public schools. SLII provides short term and year long placements for public schools including daily substitute interpreters when school interpreters are absent. Upon request, we created mentoring programs for public schools including interpreter performance evaluations, as well as 1:1 and district wide mentoring. SLII administers all criteria required for interpreters who enter public school, including the facilitation of background checks, drug screenings, health screenings, and Faith’s Law employment history review.

Medical Facilities

SLII is HIPPA compliant, ensuring all rules and regulations are followed regarding patient privacy. SLII has a strong relationship with medical providers ensuring that best practices are utilized for continuity of care from one interpreter to another regarding patient communication support. This takes into account patients’ unique communication needs based on their physical and mental abilities to ensure the interpreter meets them with language that is ‘most readily understood’ according to the standards of the Americans with Disability Act.

Non-Profit Organizations

SLII offers deeply discounted services to non-profit organizations.

Women-Owned Business

SLII is a women-owned small business, owned and operated by Angela Trull. Angela is a nationally certified interpreter with over 25 years of experience. She has served in leadership roles in The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) in many capacities including local and state appointments as Secretary, Member at Large, and President. She was appointed by the National RID to represent the US profession of sign language interpreters to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) during the critical years of Video Relay Interpreting policy development in the US. Angela previously held executive management roles in the VRS industry including Global Operations Manager, Director of Policy, and Director of Legal and Regulatory Compliance among various leading VRS companies including MCI, Ip-Relay, Verizon Business, and Purple Communications.