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Accessibility References

Did you know small businesses can file for tax credits for the expenses related to sign language interpreting services? (

Sign language interpreters in the United States are often used as a form of accommodation to meet requirements of equal access for a person with a disability ensuring disability laws and standards are met by various organizations and businesses.

Here are a few references that might be helpful to your organization as you explore which requirements may apply to your services.

American’s with Disability Act – Defining “Effective Communication”
ADA Hotline 80-514-0301

Learn which Titles of the ADA apply to your organization (

Title 42 Public Health & Welfare
Title I: Places of Employment
Title II: Places of public access (Government Services)
Title III: Private Entities (Businesses or places the public patrons)
Title V: Miscellaneous provisions

National Association of the Deaf: Advocacy Letter